Uniform and Costs

Is Scouting Expensive?

When a youngster wants to join, we suggest they come along for a few weeks to see if they enjoy it, there is no charge for this period, “subs” are only payable when a member formally joins “or is invested”.

At 4th Falmouth the leaders and Executive committee work really hard (for free – we’re all volunteers!) to keep costs low and fun high.

The capitation and running costs form our “Subs” – the fee that members pay to be part of the “club”. At present (September 2016) this is £33 per term (we follow the school terms so that is £99 per year).

What does this pay for?

Every year a “capitation fee” of around £35 is paid to the national Scout Association to cover costs such as marketing, branding, insurance etc and some of this is also distributed to Falmouth District and Cornwall County Scout Associations. This comes out of the “Subs” that each member pays.

The rest of the “subs” goes on running 4th Falmouth Scout group. This includes costs such as training, equipment for camping, cooking, crafts etc, activity badges, printing, stationery, our facility at Roskrow and a wide variety of other expenses.

On top of this we charge on an individual basis for events such as camps and days out.

For example: Scout County Winter Camp, a weekend of activities, food and camping fees cost each Scout £30

We believe Scouting offers amazing value for money!

We don’t want young people to miss out through financial hardship. If concerns about finances may prevent your child taking part in Scouting or some activities, speak to a leader, as some assistance may be available in confidence.



Each Section has their own uniform, these Jumpers and shirts can be obtained from a number of sources, the School Uniform shop in Truro often stocks them or they can be bought online through the Scout Shop http://shop.scouts.org.uk/ or other web sites.  We sometimes have second hand jumpers/shirts at the hall, ask a leader and we can look!

Badges and neckers (the burgundy and grey scarf we wear) are provided when a youngster joins but there is a charge for replacements if you lose it!.