At 4th Falmouth we’re incredibly lucky to have our own campsite.


Located on the outskirts of Falmouth it gives us the space to camp whenever we want and to meet during the summer in the great outdoors.

The site is available to rent, either for a day or overnight.

The site is an excellent D of E Expedition site!

Drinking water on tap
Male and female toilets
Lots of space to camp, we’ve held District Scout camps here with up to 70 campers with loads of space left!
Campfire circle and altar fires.
There is a “portacabin” type building on site which we often use as a kitchen (using camp kitchen equipment, there is no permanently installed kitchen in the building) or it could be used as emergency shelter for cub camps etc.

NEW We have now fitted a sink and running water in the portacabin as well as kitchen units to provide a much easier to use cooking area. Currently there is no permanently installed cooker but we hope to fit one over the Summer!

We can hire out camping equipment as needed, patrol tents, dining shelters, hike tents and cooking equipment.
We are also able to provide air rifle shooting on site (equipment and qualified instructors available) and can arrange Archery equipment/instructors through local Scouters.


Local activities and amenities:

Petrol Station with Calor Gas and small grocery section 0.5 mile
24hr Asda less than a mile away
The local area offers a variety of water sports and adventurous activities.

Please get in touch for further info!

Local Amenities

Furhter Afield
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